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I was beating myself up, until a minute or so ago, over not having done any sewing this weekend. Except then I remembered that I spent yesterday hand sewing a new lining in place in a vintage purse I was giving to a friend for her birthday that evening. So, you know, no sewing - except for the couple of hours I spent sewing. I don't know how I manage to forget these things!

Back to the retrospective catch up, though! I don't have any decent pics of me wearing this dress, which is weird, since unlike the first of these dresses, I've actually been wearing it. So, my much-abused dress form is standing in for me today. ^^

I've admired the pattern (Vogue 7521) for this dress for years and years. Literally - this pattern is getting on a bit! The pattern art, when I first saw it, reminded me of an outfit I'd seen on SatC, I think, and that impression has stayed, even though I no longer have any idea what the outfit I was reminded of in the first place may have looked like. I was a bit shy of actually making this dress, though, thinking it wouldn't look that good on me. Clearly, I was insane in my 20s, because it would have looked completely killer on me.

I made this dress, like the first of my Aussie dresses, to wear to the wedding we were going to, and just like the first, I didn't end up wearing it to any of the events after all. In the case of the party this one was for, I was defeated by the sheer, blistering, Australian heat (it was over 40° that day!) and Jarratt being too ill to go out. I stayed in near the AC, looked after him, and the dress didn't get worn until we were back in Wellington.

I used another on-sale satin from Spotlight for this one. This time, with a wee bit of stretch, that I was worried would get in the way, but didn't, in the end. It went together pretty smoothly for the most part, except for some brief panicking over whether it was going to fit me or not. I got it into my head that the band was going to be too small - as it turned out, it fit perfectly, but not before I'd driven Jarratt insane worrying about it.

I still have some insecurity about this dress when I'm wearing it, though.

1) you can't wear a bra with it, and I get paranoid that my breasts will fall out of it (though they haven't so far!) and
2) the silhouette, with that slightly raised waist is completely different to anything at all I would normally wear. Once I'm wearing it, I find it very hard to tell what I think of how I look. Thanks to reassurance from my friends, it's growing on me, though.I may end up making this one up again in some chiffon I have lying around at some point. ^^

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