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That wasn’t actually the silence of me not doing any sewing – I got plenty done over Easter, and I even wrote a post about it. I just didn’t post it, because I wrote it at work, and my photos were at home. Thinking I’d post it from home, though, clearly didn’t work out. Might as well just post it now…

Whee! Easter is a good time for sewing. :D

I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, but then, I hadn't really thought through just how much hand-sewing I'd set myself up for, so I'm still very pleased with my progress.

The main part of the underskirt is sewn, it just needs the ruffle and the waistband attached. I've been hard at work on the ruffle, but I'm going to attach the waistband next, probably when I get home tonight. Just so I can be sure the whole skirt ends up the correct length. It certainly should be, given the previous one made up from those pattern pieces was, but better to be certain, rather than need to unpick.

My ruffle is approximately 5.8m long. Apparently, when my mother was learning to sew, my great-grandmother taught her that nothing should ever be machine hemmed, because it looked cheap, tacky, and mass-produced. A nice hand-stitched hem sets a lady apart. Not having been there, I have no doubt that I'm paraphrasing wildly, but, nevertheless, my mother went on to instil in me a strong sense that nice garments are hand-hemmed. Hence, I spent quite a lot of the weekend quietly hemming 5.8 metres by hand while I chatted to friends, watched tv, etc. I started gathering it up into 2-inch pleats last night. It's slow going!

Once I’d finished getting my pleats pinned in place, I had a quick experiment with what setting method would make the nicest pleats on this fabric. Four wee samples later, I had two samples with very nice pleats, and a decision that I spent a few days being annoyingly indecisive over. I ended up going for the more crisp-but-fluid, rather than crisp-but-slightly-stiff pleat – I can always attack it again if I change my mind when more of the outfit is finished. I sewed the waistband in a few nights ago, and the pleated ruffle last night.

The underskirt now only needs a fastener at the waist, the ties for the skirt, and the velvet ribbon trim, and it’s finished. I’m going to abandon it for a bit now, though, and start work on the overskirt instead. Which, from past experience, should be strangely fast for such a complicated looking beastie – with the exception of even more pleating! XD 
I'll post the photos seperately, when I remember. ^^
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