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Puff is finished! She's really cute, even if I am seeing flaws when I look at her for now, I can still tell that she's come out really nicely. I just need a little more distance to see her properly. Jarratt keeps threatening to keep her for himself. Which is really not allowed. I can't wait for her to reach Emma. The squeals are going to be sooo rewarding. ^__^

The whole project has been horribly delayed by me managing to make my right arm flare up again. It's still playing up quite a lot - the anti-oos software on my work computer is currently set to interrupt me constantly, but I need to be a bit more disciplined in my free time. Everytime my arm gets mostly better, I end up spending too much time playing games, or chatting online. And then, of course, I'm back to square one. Waiting to recover again. I have no idea why I'm so stupid. -__-;

I was going to do a whole lot of work on the twins when I was on holiday, but everytime I thought about being good and getting some work done, I found Emma's voice in my head telling me that I was on holiday, and that meant not working, and to cut it out. It's so the sort of thing she says, too. lol Anyway, my lovely Emma hasn't been too happy of late, which is a strong motivator to get these two finished and in the post for her. She could use the boost, I think. And it lets me feel that I'm doing something for her, at least.

Since I thought I was going to be working on the two on holiday, I made up Vashi in a flurry of activity the day before I went South. She's since sat around, faceless, for the space of two weeks. Oops? So, last night, I started sketching in her features in thread. Since I want her to match Puff, I traced the basic outline of Puff's eyes and mouth on to tracing paper and I've cut those out and pinned them in place on Vashi. I'm now working through them to put in the guidelines. The trick is going to be not to accidentally enlarge her features doing this - as if you sketch around something, then stitch around that, then stitch over that, you will end up with something larger than the original... And to also not end up with exactly the same face. They need to look similar but individual.

I've taken Vashi with me to work - I'm getting a ride in with Jarratt each day this week, so instead of working past 5 while I'm waiting for him to pick me up, I can do a little more work on her. I hope I can get her finished soon! ^^;

Wrote the above while at work - Just thought I'd mention... The temptation to start something new instead of finishing current projects is as strong as ever. Right now, I really, really, want to make a kitty-cave for Triss. She keeps burrowing under covers to make herself a cave after Jarratt and I get up. She never used to do that. It makes me think she'd like a plushie kitty cave, if I just make one bigger than that Cat-fish was... ^^; I shall stay strong, however, and keep working on these plooshes!
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