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So, this project was meant to be finished and already in the mail. Unfortunately, my carefully laid plans were derailed by me failing to notice that my 1st assignment due date was a week before the day these plushies needed to be in England. Ooops. So, they'll be late. But I'm pretty sure Emma will forgive me.

Sekrit Project Plushie Puff and Vashi consists of two plushies modeled after Neopets images, that I'll be sending to my very dear friend Emma for her birthday.  Puff & Vashi are pea & grape chia's, respectively. Neo changed the images a little while ago, so I'm modeling the plushies slightly more on the original images, and on the fanart Emma has for the two of them. They're very popular wee pets. <3

I made a mockup of Puff a little while ago, in black polar. The shape worked pretty well, though I think the body was a little large in proportion to the legs and arms, and I figured out that the arms were best just sewn into the seam, but the legs really need shank joints to sit properly. I have the fabric for both, I just need the time. Today is the day of that time. I am going to go on a plushie sewing blitz, and get as much done today as I can. I'll update later!
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