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I have a problem with getting sick - on some level, despite the fact that having a shower leaves me exhausted, I believe that I am slacking off and I should and could be getting many things done. A tiny voice in my head chirps 'omg! You haven't been at work for days and days! But your project pile is precisely the same size! Bad Evie!'. Yeah. Reality has no place in my pseudo-puritan work ethics, k?

However, before I got sick, I went to Craft 2.0 at the Dowse (Er, the New Dowse? As my boss asked - what are they going to call themselves when the renovations no longer qualify as new? What are they going to call themselves when they renovate again?!) Jarratt purchased jewelery (for himself :D) but I got buttons. Awesome doom buttons. No, really. :D

My camera sucks, but those are tiny Jhonen Vasquez-esque white skulls and black ghosties. The skulls are one heck of a lot easier to see, but believe me, the ghosties are cute too.
(As an aside - Anyone want to recommend me a decent camera? I could start saving for one... After all, I've put myself on a fabric-diet until some of the existing stuff is cleared. XD) I have NO clue what to use these on. But they were just too cute! I'm probably going to blue-tack them in their little bags to the wall behind the sewing desk, rather than putting them away with the other buttons. They're just that awesome. ^^

I other purchasing news I also picked myself up a pattern drafting book for lingerie. I look forward to super-cool bras of awesomeness with matching underbust corsets. Oooh yes, I do.

Speaking of corsets - someone posted this vintage corset ebay auction to one of the comms I read. The colours aren't really me, but I'm intrigued by the little skirt at the bottom of this corset. The busk, and three of the front bones on each side extend well beyond the length of the main body of the corset at the bottom. Then, on each side, and side back, two wider bones extend down further again, and finally, the back lacing support bones do the same, taking the lacing down to the bottom of the skirt-frill. Why? Huh? Consider me perplexed. Corsets and Crinolines offers me no clue as to this one. o_O;

I did get some mending done. But that's just not exciting at all. And I almost started to cut out PJs, which was almost unintentionally exciting, because I had the fabric folded on the floor and was laying pattern pieces on it when I realised it seemed suspiciously unwashed. Jarratt could have had adorable mini-pjs after their first wash! XD
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