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Okay, getting organised... My sewing room is loaded up with half-completed things. It's silly, and it's embarrassing. I really can't start anything else new until some of these are done. So...

Step one: Assess unfinished stitchery projects (list to be amended as I find more of the wretched things):

  • Embroidered silver dragon changeling crest for Bee - almost finished, background only to do, requires daylight, as black-on-black work
  • Pirate-baby outfit for Kira-chan - Complete!
  • Sekrit project PPV - Complete!
  • Unicorn cross-stitch - Not much to go, but low priority, as deeply boring
  • Peacock-colours shirt for Mama - Half-sewn, try to do before this summer at least? -__-;
  • New PJs - Complete!
  • Haori-style brocade jacket with velvet lining for Mama - Cut out, could sew, as now own walking foot!
  • Puff-sleeve jacket v.2, striped denim - Did I finish this or not?! May only need buttons & button holes ^^;
  • Victorian Tail-coat - Have sewn mockup #1, need to check fit over corset
  • Grey Velvet coat - Cut out *forever* ago. Have done nothing else. Gah.
  • Floral purse thingy - Complete!
  • Possum fur mini bear - Found this the other day. Should finish it.
  • +assorted and various mending and hemming

Plan of attack, to complete next - Something not on the list at all - a new black and purple gothic confection + Mini-bear + two more mending items.

And then there's the other list... Which is just too long to contemplate. So, I'll pick a couple of things to see if I can beat my muse into submission over. The roleplaying-based ones, because they're easier:

  • Half-written Changeling short story
  • Barely-started drawing of Nyx Catastrophe

And that's plenty for now. ^^;
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