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I was beating myself up, until a minute or so ago, over not having done any sewing this weekend. Except then I remembered that I spent yesterday hand sewing a new lining in place in a vintage purse I was giving to a friend for her birthday that evening. So, you know, no sewing - except for the couple of hours I spent sewing. I don't know how I manage to forget these things!

Back to the retrospective catch up, though! I don't have any decent pics of me wearing this dress, which is weird, since unlike the first of these dresses, I've actually been wearing it. So, my much-abused dress form is standing in for me today. ^^

It's grown on me )
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Jarratt and I were invited to a family wedding in Australia last year - a three day wedding event (personally, I find the idea of a wedding going for three days absolutely insane - one day of wedding should be enough for anyone). I decided I should make a couple of dresses to wear to the whirlwind of wedding events. The first of these, I think of as my 'fireworks dress' for the fabric - when I'm not thinking of it as the 'omg, WTF Vogue?!' dress.

No, really, WTF? )

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