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My muse, like many a muse, is mood dependent. With Triss so ill, I really didn't get much done over Winter. The one thing I did make was a new kitty bed for her. I started out taking photos of it during construction, but failed to post about it at all, and then ended up failing to take photos after a bit too. Too depressing. It's still depressing, but I'm starting to feel a bit more like making things again. And that makes me think I should update.

photos & details this way - honestly more about my kitty than about the sewing )


Mar. 17th, 2008 07:53 pm
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Just some pictures, no real progress since Saturday. My garden has been calling me instead!

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In a week, I haven't really got all that much done. But, then, I really only craft on the weekends, so I suppose it's going pretty well. Puff's mouth is finished, and her eyes are well on their way. However, I'm an utter idiot, because doing this onto a stretch fabric has been a total pain the ass. Of what I've done, I've done one eye, and the pink section of the mouth, twice each because they went horribly wrong, and had to be snipped out and started over. gah. I'll fuse interfacing to the back of the face area on Vashi. She'll be much easier, I hope.

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